The terminology used in slot machine games

When the slot machines games have started the rules to play and the phrases used were very few. But now the slot games have evolved so much that you can find many different types of slot games with advanced graphics, sound, and more complicated features. Now if any new joiner or gambler who is playing after very long gap logins will be shocked to see the advancement of slot machines and get confused by all the new terminologies used to play jili slot machine games online. Below are some common terms of slot machines you will come across while playing slot games.

  • 3D video slots: In the 3D video slot you can see all the symbols in 3D format. It will give you a feel that those symbols have got life.
  • Pay lines: you bet on the multiple play lines in the slot games. To win you need to get the matching symbols in some particular pattern.
  • 3reels or 5reels: The reel is on which you can find the different symbols. In traditional slot machines, three reels were used in slot games, but now it is five-reel wheels.
  • Auto spin: If you do not want to press the start button each time you spin. You can select the auto spin option available to spin on your behave you just have to sit and relax. When you choose the auto-spin option then even choose how many times you want the automatic spin.
  • Bet max: It is the term used to indicate the maximum amount you are allowed to bet on a single spin.
  • Bet min: This is the opposite of bet max; it indicated the minimum amount which you can bet on the single spin.
  • Bonus features: There are a few symbols like scatters, wilds when they appear on the slot machine screen, you will be awarded a bonus.
  • Cascading or tumbling reels: This is a very thrilling feature in slot machine games. Once you get a winning combination of symbols, they disappear from the screen, and the reel above role down to feel the place. The rolled reels can also form a winning combination and you get a chance of winning more in a single spin.
  • High and low variance: The high variance slots pay more amounts but fewer times, and the low variance slots will pay you less but more often.
  • Paytable: It is the table that will explain to you what you will win for each combination of symbols.


You must know the terms used in slot games to avoid getting confused while playing live games.